Thursday, July 20, 2006

| better than life (and coffee)

Have you ever experience one of those days when you wake up, feelings grumpy, looking stoned (dark rings and eye bags sold separately)? You look at your unbelievably pack schedule and picture the boring day you'll inevitably face and make a long sigh. You scratch your head as you shake of that dust that you collected throughout your 5 hours of sleep and drag yourself to the bathroom. The shower seems extra colder today and the coffee is tasteless and bland. In a deep breath you mutter, "What a sucky day" and let go another sigh. You look into the mirror as you get dressed up, seamlessly gazing into a reflection of a total opposite. As you step outside your house and look to the sky, "Just another day.." you said to yourself. You walk away.

suger level - low

I face that almost everyday and it sucks - big time. I hate it when I get that stoner feeling while working. Normally it would take cup of coffee or two to kick me out of it a bit but this time.. today, it's different. For the past few weeks I've been trying to get back something I've lost for quite a long time; something that I really treasure. I've been picking up the pieces and today, I've just picked up another and that piece gave me more energy than I had before. If you thought I'm super active before this, now, it's x2! Hehe~ I feel more alive then yesterday, or the day before, and the day before yesterday's yesterday.. and stuff.

still searching those pieces..

My life, so far can be placed in 3 chapters, The Fire, The Fall, and now The Redemption. Sounds like some LOTR trilogy eh? ahaks~ So far, The Redemption has been a very, very, very difficult chapter, full of pain and suffe.. Anyway, the reason I'm happy is because I've found another piece of my old self before my dark times, before The Fall. I've found a piece from The Fire and that piece is call Prayer and this piece works well with another piece I've found after The Fall, it's called Joy. Yeap, that's right, I've strength today because when I woke up stoned and tired this morning, I prayed for strength and joy and that's EXACTLY what I got. Mann~ I love being a Christian, loving The Lord. Well, I'll be praying that all of you will find your Joy today. All in all, my journey is to recollect The Fire that I once had. God bless!

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