Thursday, August 31, 2006

| giving my thanks

It's Merdeka Day and this year I'm not going to catch those fancy fireworks or check out the hottest clubs and mamaks in town. No. This year I'm gonna sit at home and give thanks to the One who made it all come true in the first place.

i thank God for the gift of a family

In all the hype of our Independence Day, year after year it's easy to get lost in it and forget some of the really importance things we have that other people don't. Sure our government isn't perfect. Sure our roads are bumpy. Sure petrol prices are soaring high. Sure streamyx SUX!! GAHHH!!


Sorry. Got a little carried away there. Hehe~

Anyway, as I was saying. Sure things aren't perfect in our country - nothing is. Still, as Malaysians we are able to enjoy a whole lot more than many other people in poorer countries out there. While we eat, they starve. While we sleep under the shelter of our rooftops, they sleep out in the open rain. We have clean filtered water, whereas they drink out of rusty pipes and dug-out holes.

i thank God for the gift of guitar

Thank God I live in Malaysia. In fact, thank God for every single thing He has given me. For this Merdeka Day, I'm gonna give my thanks and for the rest of my life, I'll continue to give my all to a special someone who made it all happen in my life - Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

i thank God for the new-nicest fried rice evarr

I was finally able to find my now currently favourite fried rice stall. Next to Rama Rams, a Chinese all-fry-oso-can stall. Sells most of your typical food, Chinese-styled. For RM3, they sell surprisingly nice fried rice. Best part is, it comes with prawns! RM3! Got prawns some more! My mind just can't comprehend it!!

i thank God for this big bowl of Loi's Bak-Kut-Teh

In lieu of Merdeka Day, Dad, Bro, GerX and I went to eat at Loi's Bat-Kut-Teh. It's a humble stall along the road to Bukit Baru, coming from Bukit Beruang before the shop-lot that has 7/11.

i thank God for this small bowl of rice

A shop-house owned by an old couple who have been running this business as far as my memory goes back. Yea, I've been eating there for many years and the food still taste just as good. Quite spicy but not too spicy soup. Beef, bean-curd skin (tau kee), and other parts of the poor cattle that got chopped up. The food taste sooo goood,

Not only that, I managed to wipe out a few bowls of rice at the same time. Eating the 'liao' without rice just doesn't feel right and one small, humble bowl of rice is definitely not enough for me. It ain't gluttony I tell ya! Really!!

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