Sunday, July 09, 2006

| aiya.. why like that?

sounds wrong doesn't it?

Being misunderstood is the suckiest things that can ever happen to a person. Well, maybe not the suckiest BUT definitely one of the suckiest. The worse part comes when you can't explain yourself to keep your integrity or as in my case, risk losing the trust I have with another person. Thankfully, I maybe crazy but I sure ain't dumb. I'd rather take the blame than to let out other's secrets.

p.s. I'm still very happy and proud of you~ ::winks::

But often many other people who go through this scenario all have different stories and scripts behind it. I realize how easily people can be misunderstood due to an inefficient communication medium, spoilt milk and stale cheese, and the most common cause; gossips and the keh poh chi(s). It rhymes~

you heard me - they're gay!

I don't mind mentioning this guy's name because I hold him in high regards and I've watched him from behind for many years. Jason is seriously misunderstood. He ain't arrogant nor is he those 'im-too-good-to-talk-to-you' type of guy. If he is, he wouldn't have taught me guitar 8 years ago now would he? And if you still think he is, he wouldn't have taught me scaling 4 years ago now would he? By now if you're still insisting, fine - my NOC4 solo wouldn't have been completed without him showing me those pentatonic variations. So before anyone would wanna talk about Jason, get to know him 1st, he's a great guy. Guitar class coming in the future. hehe~

i haven't even watch MI3 or Cars or ...

Just so you guys know, I haven't been to the movies for a long time. I've missed sooo many good shows, I don't even know where to begin. When I told people that I haven't watch Narnia they'd either go, "OMGawd~! How can you not have seen that show yet?!" or "Kesian you dude~". Yea~ It's sad, I know. Guess I've been busy with many things and the recent weeks have left me quite the very exhausted and confused. Ya know, the usual struggle between myself and the world. The line of my feelings and other people's feelings. As someone who was once very close to me once said, "You should be more selfish, Andrew WontdieonE". Heh~ That's gonna be tough.

when light broke through

I had blast last Saturday (or yesterday). Those dude from MV Doulos are a great company to hang out with. Especially that dude with my name, all the gals thinks he's cute. Guess it comes with the name. Heh~ Honestly, I've never heard of Doulos before. Well, maybe I have but somehow forgotten about it. Anyway, after hearing them talk about the ministry on Doulos, I felt the urge to just drop everything here and run on-board. Unfortunately, after searching deeper in my heart, I found out that desire sprung from a wrong reason. I thought how great it would be to get away from this hole I've been stuck in and how I long to run away from everything and everyone and start anew. Thankfully, I was reminded that God still has plans for me here in this hole called Melaka. I'm glad His Spirit cleared up my heart. Alas, I still have issues I need to deal with and I have no one I can talk to about it - the fear of being misunderstood?


Anonymous said...

jason is not a snob... he's jus a confuse guy like all ya christians out there.

WontdieonE said...

heh~ contra, most christians aren't confused at all because we know our purpose of becoming a christian. we have a purpose in life and we know why we live for. do you? ::smilez::

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