Wednesday, July 26, 2006

| a special different story

Excuse the sorry grammar for a title.

I've learned something new (don't we all?). Much like school, our everyday life is fool full of new fun things to learn. As the saying goes; 'school is cool', or my personal favourite; 'don't be a fool, stay in school'... oh, whatever.

we're like a tin of cottage fries
we look nice and cheerful on the outside
but we're crushed and full of crumbs on the inside

Actually it's not really learning nor is it new. It's something I've realized for quite some time after writing that "misunderstood" post. Sure everyone has their own good and bad sides to their character and when I say bad, I don't mean bad like a sadist-psycho-killer bad ala The Saw, Scream or even Scary Movie bad. It's more of bad habits or bad traits of a character bad. Am I getting across or does it still sound like nonsense to you guys?

every emo person has a story..

In any case, God warned us in the bible asking us not to judge and He said that for a good reason indeed. Sure all of us have our bad traits that really, really annoy people and really, really give people the urge to put a sock up our mouths. For other's, their bad trait seems to be their overly stern and serious character while others are their harmless words that accidentally stab a heart or two. I speak for myself as well. One solution to overcome this problem is to start trying to listen to their story and see life through their eyes. After all, we're all special in the eyes of God, thus we should be special in each other's eyes too. Delete gay thoughts..

..and i'm learning to listen more..

Even the worst dude on the face of this earth has a story as to why he does the things he do, be it his life in the past or his present condition. A person with a seemingly sharp tongue has a story for having that tongue. Though it WILL cut us, we should try our best to understand that person, his past and his present. Don't be trigger happy just because he or she's emo and have said something rather distasteful. The word is TRY. Try to understand. Think, understand, and listen to his/her story and grow closer to that person. After all, we're all special and to change my world, I've gotta change me.

..because i wanna change my world


Pramod Kumar sharma said...

First of all I would appreciate you for writing such an intelligent post in lucid and simple manner.
We take care of our body daily. We keep our room, clothes, belongings neat and tidy but we never bother to look inside our inner core. What's going inside we don't care and this ignorance lead to the accumulation of hate, jealousy, prejudictions and other malfunctioning deeds which are corrupting our mind for a long time.
I have experienced that how does it feel to deal wih someone without making any judgement about anybody.
I can keep writing about this topic but would wind up here. Good work dude. Keep it up.

WontdieonE said...

thanx for your comment~ :D it's always easier said than done but what matters is that we do try~

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as a fact.