Sunday, July 23, 2006

| need a holiday

I thought weekends were fun and to a certain extent, it is. After a whole week of tedious, boring work, it feels good to herald the coming of the weekend. Saturday just passed by, nothing's new.

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Slept at around 2am on Friday only to wake up at 3pm - stoned as ever. That's more than 12 hours of sleep that I need to counter 5 days of lack of sleep. It felt good for awhile but just like sin, the moment lasts only for awhile. Such pleasure was never meant to last long. The scary part is that it is addictive. An idle mind is the devil's workshop to make some doom's day machine that could very well destory earth and life as we know it. Heh~

tied up with daily life? know what you feel buddy..

Fortunately, after having my regular double shot cup of cold coffee, I kept myself busy with the usual good ol' weekend house cleaning. Swept and mopped the house with disinfectant. Floor's a little extra cleaner today, I feel happy. But such sacrifice of house chores comes with a price, I came down with flu, real nasty one too. In my mind I was thinking, it's the weekend, why does it feel like every other regular day? Why am I still so tired? Why am I still so bored? And I remembered that I once said that I really, really, really need a holiday.

honesty - these picture's are recycled from previous posts

Well a holiday will be real good, but what I really need is just one day all by myself. No one to interact with, absolute solitude. Just me and my God. Yea~ I just need one care-free day, alone with my God. That's what I need.. *sigh*

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