Sunday, July 16, 2006

| kingdom come

It has been 10 years since the of our time retired to a 'normal' life and it all started when the greatest of them all, the one whom they call 'Man Of Steel', flew away from a memory that was soon forgotten. Now the world has a new generation of superhumans and to call them heroes will vary subjectively. These young meta-humans are reckless and have either no clue as to the meaning of justice and peace. Though they proudly proclaim aloud that they have eliminated the super-villians of yesteryears, innocents die in their hands; in their name of 'justice'. Only one man has the power to right these wrongs. One man who's not of this world. A man from Krypton. The greatest hero - the Man of Steel.

Heh~ So much for an introduction to a comic book. In light of the movie Superman Returns, if you thought the movie gave the viewers a view of Supes' inner self and his emotions, wait till you read Kingdom Come. Lots of emo undertones, perfection in many ways. There's no good-guys-always-saves-the-day in this comic. The writer is very talented in portraying a realistic view of superheroes, their struggle, and their conflict of their code of justice. Very, very, very highly recommended. I thought Marvel vs DC was cool. This comic is fully water-coloured. Beautiful art work, seriously. Above all, I like these type of stories that deal with morality and balance of dos and don'ts. 112MB on torrent, winRar files. Get it! If you don't have torrents, give me your pendrive - I'd gladly pass the files to you.

I rate this comic : 9/10
Wontdieone, over-and-out~!

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