Monday, July 17, 2006

| yummy~

I slept late last night and I'm paying the price once again. A short nap in the toilet helped a little bit though. I think I'm slowly mastering the art of Sleeping Toilet. Heh~ Oh yea, there's a hole in my credit now but it's all cool. Hahaha~

Tell me you don't see something wrong with this picture. Who in the world would put food products next to sanitary pads? It's so wrong! I'm no business student but I do know that that's a bad marketing strategy - if there is any of this sort. When a shopper window shops, the idea is to put similar products in the same aisle so that when a customer looks at the product beside it, both products relate and it stays in their minds.

feels good

taste good

These guys on the other hand, seem to want to connect Munchy's choc wafers with Whisper. So the next time you much on Munchy's, think the comfort of Whisper. Nice marketing!

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