Wednesday, July 12, 2006

| MSK - hot babes and wet hunks

me elephunk. you jane?

Yesterday was fun. Once again, just as last year (and the year before) it was time for... *drumroll* Malam Suai Kenal aka MSK. So what's up with MSK you ask? (Spoken like a true hippie) Dudee~ Where have you been mann? Okay, okay. Since you were nice enough to beg, I'll tell. heh~ MSK is an event where hot babes from MyCF meet up with the hot hunks from MMUCF (switch genders if you're a gal) to meet up with one another and to fellowship through the wonderful world of foooood. Three 'o's too many. ahaks~

msk!! im so happpeeee~

People walked into the YAC hall only to find the floor is covered with canvas and mah jong paper and for the rest of the night, we will have to sit on it. I think many of the CFers have noticed that our numbers are getting big - real big. In fact, we have so many brothers and sisters that I had to stand on the bus while on the way back from church ::sad::. If our numbers continue to grow, I doubt the YAC hall can support us; which is a good thing ya? The bigger the better, more Alpha chicks the better. Wayne, I'm doing this for you. Heh~

twinkle remixx

Praise and worship was great, lead by Julian from MMUCF and Doris from MyCF. I believe many people felt a certain warmth singing 'Lord You Are So Good' last night. I even heard some dude shouted out, "Sing your parts ya?!" and "Lucius conductor! Stand on chair!". Ahhh~ NOCIV, can't get enough of it. Now all we need for the next NOC is a turn-table and we can scratch on. ZzpZPzpiwikizZpzpzpOOooo. ahaks~ Singing those chinese praise and worship songs gave many bananas the opportunity to discover their roots too. Hahaha~

"i want to change... but i can't"
~the sad girl behind the smiling mask

MyCF performed a cool dance though I still felt that they'd look much cooler with those top hats and an umbrella.. Aneeway, their sketch was simple but deep in meaning that portrayed how the seniors did their best to pass out those flyers to our beloved noobs juniors. Heh~ MMUCF had 2 performances too. The juniors did a sketch about us seniors and suddenly Tim became gay and Justin likes to say "Chill lah~" Best character would definitely be Renee's sister that was playing has Renee - 99.9% same. Hahaha~ The seniors also performed a rather serious sketch about the chains of everyday life that binds us. I can relate to that well enough.

committees of MyCF and MMUCF

Before closing both MyCF and MMUCF introduced their new committee for the trimester. The following closing ceremony was actually the main event. The makan babeh~ And everyone was eating as if they didn't have their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Gluttony's a sin mann! Hehe~ I wasn't in the mood to eat so I cleaned up my guitar and kept it. After all, I won't be seeing her again for another week ::sigh::. Not to mention, I found a new scratch mark on my guitar that wasn't there before ::sighhhhhhhhhhh~::. Oh well, I guess that's the price you must be willing to pay. I wanna be just like my wife; a tool to be used for God and His glory.

rain drops keep falling on my head

Unfortunately the lovely evening prematurely ended when a storm appeared out of nowhere. Heavy downpour followed and people were still eating as though it wasn't raining. There were only 3 umbrellas so Soly, Lionel and I helped usher people into the church van and their vehicles - we were soaking wet and mann, do we look hot. Another bad news, Shih Wen lost her rice cooker's power-plug. Hope you'll find it gal. Soon the downpour stopped and I sent GerX back home. Riding the bike all soaked makes me remember my good ol' high school days. Heh~ What a way to end the night. Can't wait for next week's CF.

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