Friday, July 28, 2006

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warning : might offend (though it shouldn't)

Okays~ I had this talk with a certain cf'er (from here on will be known as Zoidberg), a couple of days back. We were talking about life in MMU and the changes in culture and environment that we face studying here.

words seems so sweet

Zoidberg's a mommy's boy and thus having lived under the protection and the watchful eyes of his parents living away from them seems rather difficult as he confessed. But then came along CF whose members are Christians, and we're supposed to be living, breathing, walking, miniature imitations of Christ. We accepted Zoidberg with our arms wide open.

Zoidberg told me though, as friendly as the people in CF are (or try to be), he never really felt at home and being so far from his family makes him emo at times. Bluntly, I asked why he didn't treat the CF as his family in MMU? His answer; they seem fake. I did not rebut his statement but instead, sought to figure out the reasons for his answer. He mentioned one guy's name: Ben Ho.

Ben Ho's a good guy. I'm saying that because he is (despite his harsh, sarcastic remarks at times). I got to know him though the Dahlia house 2 years ago and watched quietly as he served God with whatever that he had at his disposal. He'd carry out whatever Ps Joanne instructed him to do and he would go all out to help people who calls him.

but holds little meaning less
we hold it in our hearts

In case no one noticed, he doesn't come to CF anymore and his reasons are valid in my judgement. The strange thing is, no one really bothered to ask about him or call him up and say, "Hey~ Where are you larr? Why never come to CF or church or CG or whatever?". No one bothered to ask him his reasons for disagreeing because we feel we're holier-than-thou. He became a taboo, just like the others in that house and I'm guilty of that too.

we chant away but do we follow?

His story holds truth and I understood why Zoidberg couldn't treat the CF as his family - because he might get hurt by us. There are many others out there who shares his story but we seem to be TOO comfortable living our lives and sharing our CF people who agrees with us. The people in CF are only human and are bound by the flaws that comes along with being one. Still..

What about the change?
What about the difference?
What about grace?
What about forgiveness?
I want to live a life that's showing
I'm undergoing the change
~ Steven Curtis Chapman

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