Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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looks like an ordinary drawer

Industrial Training; there's a lot to say about it. The purpose and its foundation is to equipment and prepare undergrads for the working life in the "real world". It is an essential tool to expose the inexperienced. Those who undergo Industrial Training uses this opportunity to gain and acquire as much knowledge and experience as their minds can handle, all the more to prepare for the coming challenges that lie await like a tiger in the bush or the kutu in your hair that sucks your blood and spawn offsprings that will continue their cycle of life which, by the way is no different than us human beings. Heh~

what's that hidden under that dirty production-line jumpsuit?

Truthfully, I'm grateful that Industrial Training is NOT like the real working life. Sure I did gain some knowledge and experience while working among all these uncles and aunties and yea, I am expose to the basis of working in the real world. But this is getting real boring. Unlike those other lucky guys like Deric (from Deric My Best Friend) who have plentiful of juicy projects to finish up, I on the other hand am going bonkers staring at nothing, surfing the same sites and the killer of them all; surfin Friendsters looking at all those cute gal's picture like some poor pathetic loser. Hey! Wipe that smirk of your face. :P

gasp! there's a box of cereal bars hidden!

There are only a few things that keeps me sane and my brain in place. Without them, my brain would most probably jump out of my skull and run back home only to be found in a dumpster or in some hot babe's room, just like my underpants the other day... *koff*


Yea, so things that keep me sane. Hmmmm~ The common sedatives are blogging random crap that nobody likes to read, taking vain pics of myself that no one (shall ever) see, talking to my imaginary orang utan cubicle mate, lepaking at the pantry ever few hours or so, sleeping in the toilet (it's no shame - be a man), reading other people's blog that's NEVER updated (except Renee's, thank you soooo much!!), and the most potent of them all, drinking lots and lots of thick coffee. One shot of that small-cup coffee can knock out an elephant or even Zhen Xin. ahaks~

how to un-stone NZX

Just in case you're wondering, the cereal bar comes in 3 flavours, cinnamon, oats 'n' honey, and peanut butter. So far I've only eaten cinnamon and oats 'n' honey. Oats 'n' honey, well, taste like oats 'n' honey but a tad little too sweet for my taste buds - they're sensitive little buggers. The cinnamon however was something different to say the least. Not everyone has a tongue for cinnamon and neither do I. Gonna try peanut butter later today. hehe~

butt-to-sai = the irony of a cool name

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