Sunday, July 16, 2006

| the harvest

For those who've never been to my house before (how could you not?!), there's this really big, useless mango tree right in front of the gate. I know, I know. I shouldn't call it useless or else it wouldn't bear me any fruit and stuff but I assure you, this tree is quite the useless. While ALL the other mango trees in my taman are bearing much fruit, my family (especially my mom) has to endure watching their owners happily harvesting their precious fruits while my mom salivates.. Okay, so the idea of my mom salivating is not a good image in my mind. So... gross... You guys are sick!

not wearing undies makes me feel cold

But as God made the trees to bear fruit, this tree of mine did it's job (after numerous death threats of course). It may be dense with useless leafs, sucking all the energy of the sun in hopes to be like Superman - minus the underpants but finally, all those energy has finally been put to good use. All those cute little mangos are finally ripe for the harvest. More so however, it's a good time to see if all those years of giving it my piss has enhance its flavour. Heh~ Mango anyone?

darn branch

Harvesting though was no simple task, even though I'm using my trusty Y3K Mango-and-other-Fruits Harvester. As I've mention earlier, this tree of mine is really, really dense with leafs and branches, thus harvesting the fruit of its loins a little tricky. I wonder if the phrase 'fruit of its loins' can be used in this situation. In fact, what are loins? Hmmm~

sucker for the setting sun

Since my path to delicious mango was blocked by the tree's defensive branches, a new route must be made to the heavenly piss-marinated fruits. The solution? Climb up the blardy roof and boy, did I climb like monkey going up a ladder. I must say, I'm really a sucker for the sun and the view of the setting sun from the top of my house is great. In fact, I go up here more often than my parents know. At night, everything is so serene and peaceful up here. You can see all those vehicles zooming on the highway but you can't hear anything other than the sound of crickets and cicadas. Ahh~

well, well, isn't he happy?

Anyway, dad was really happy. I don't think he knew about the piss part though. I'll just let him have the first bite. Hehe~ Nah, I'm kidding, it was his idea to pour the piss part. There was once a period of time when the 3 males of the house had to chip in a little and contribute our precious piss (called urine to scientific community) for the betterment of our little tree. Lucky tree. Our urine is like fine wine to it. MMmmmmM~ Sodium and chloride - yummy~ So the next time you drink fine wine etc, remember the mango tree and piss. Heh~

This is WontdieonE - signing out~!

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