Tuesday, July 18, 2006

| between apples and oranges

I was planning on writing some mind-challenging, deep-thought stuff about serving God and all, but I guess this blog (and the people reading it) has enough of my *koff* deep stuff crap and the emoness of it all. I ain't a member of the Emo Club - Lionel wouldn't let me in. *e-moooaan*

deep thought stuffs...

Last night after music practice, I went out makan with Tim-So-Cute, MyGayPartner, Lulu Twins, and last but not least, the thorn rose among the [insert vain words] thorns, Shih Wen. Our destination; MITC. Though that place is known to suck really badly but for some unknown extraterrestrial reason, dumb people (namely us) still actually go there to have our dinner. Heh~ Dumb were we indeed. Dumb and dumberer~

yeap, that guy's gay.
you see, i have something called a Gay-Dar.
~ Bender, Futurama

We came in 2 cars. Tim-So-Cute and I arrived earlier, thus we ordered our drinks and chatted whilst waiting for MyGayPartner who was ferrying the Lulu Twins and Shih Wen. So-Cute was telling me stories of his good ol' player days. He was into football (that's soccer to you yankees). Yea, and he was saying how some of the games he played had really beautiful balls with great, round features. He had games in Redang, KL, Melaka, etc. He told me some of the most memorable games were at Redang. According to him, the balls there were really sexy and hot with their black and white patches beautifully stitched in perfection. Heck, he gave that game a 9.5 out of 10! That's a lot! Even I've never rated a game 9 and above before. All my football games ended in misery on both sides. *sad* Thankfully, MyGayPartner came in the nick of time before I could reminisce and build up any hint of emo'ing.. uh, emotion. ahaks~

drinks from good ol' Family Heritage

We ordered out food and drinks. Not surprisingly, MyGayPartner and I ordered the same food *smiles lovingly*. We ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung aka Village People Styled Fried Rice (note: no connection whatsoever with, WHYYY-AMM-SEE-EHHH!!). We ate and were married merry. Cracked up weird jokes about kissing your ex'es bf/gf, which was kinda funny and gross at the same time. Lucius had a shocking blow though.. ahaks~ Tim-So-Cute on the other hand was trying to convince us that he's a one-man-lady.. or is it the other way around? Anyway, yea, he told us that he was truthfully faithful to his partner and MyGayPartner confirmed that she is quite pretty and cute though that statement has nothing to do with Tim-So-Cute being faithful - I just put that in for fhuuun~

picture courtesy of sixthseal.com

When our food arrived, MyGayPartner and I were rather suspicious of those pieces of fried chicken that was in our Nasi Goreng Kampung - I smelled a scam. A typical Village People Styled Fried Rice is rice fried with herbs and spices together with fried anchovies. Personally, the fried rice sucked. The fried anchovies weren't crunchy and were difficult to chew, not to mention swallow! The egg that came with it was as good as any other regular fried egg. The (suspicious) pieces of fried chicken helped a little though, most of it were a little fresh and were still crunchy. I luuurvee chicken skin. *ahem*

deep fried chicken skin = awesomeness

The bill came. For all 6 of us eating low-quality, moderate food, the bill totalled up to a whopping RM45++!! Initially, everyone was oblivious to the insideous scam those blardy illegal immigrants at Zubaidah were plotting. When MyGayPartner and took a peek at the price of our Nasi Goreng Kampung, it was RM11.40!! That means that one plate was RM5.70!!! Freakin RM5.70!! The menu showed that the fried rice was supposed to be RM3.00. When I asked, they asked if there were pieces of fried chicken in it. I said yes, but I did not order for it. I said sternly I ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung, NOT Nasi Goreng Kampung with fried chicken. As a customer, the menu did not specify the contents of the dish therefore I had no clue if the fried chicken was part of the RM3.00 fried rice or not. You came waltzing to our table, serving us fried rice with a satisfactory level of -40 and you want me to pay RM5.70 for it? You're crazy~

do you feel lucky.. punk?

They tried to insist MyGayPartner and I to pay but I held my ground. Come to think of it, they were really brave to insist. If I was still myself old self from the past, a fist would be what they'll get. But that was the past, now I'm different and I use words to fight my battles. In the end, MyGayPartner and I paid RM3.00 but the story doesn't end here. After checking the bill again, they miss-charged us for an orange juice and a hot milo that we did not order. This time, the worker admitted fault and MyGayPartner got a little more cash refunded. In the end, though my temper did build up a little, I managed to hold my old self down - I'm happy for that (stupid immigrants *grumble..*). See, all is well! ahaks~

The lesson for today, kids
1 ) If you are not confident in arguing and you received an extra dish that you did not ordered, return it
2 ) If you ARE confident, go kick some ass! Hahaha~~

WontdieonE, signing off. Up! Up! And awaaaaaayy... *splat*

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