Tuesday, July 04, 2006

| the 91 folders from my past


Picture post. Very, really very picture heavy
Pictures are dated as far back as 2 years ago
Experiences from past and present will varies
Opinions and views may vary from time to time

This post may carry much or little significant meaning to anyone who reads this but it is to show and remind me how much I've change in the past 2 years after my SPM. Sins and scars, friends and family, love and life of my past.

2004, early february

my favourite coffee

a faded memory

and a very big babi

my hot malay girlfriend (i wish), rose

father jason teh and baby sean, now 2 years old

the person i respect the most from gateway youth of old

back when we were younger, now we're so cold

the sister i knew more then the rest

forced me to cut my hair and make a mess

the wine is good and nothing less

i love my youth because kept me in my best

we had our meetings on sunday morning
but our church leaders weren't happy

so when crisis arrived we were forced not
to meet on sunday, leaving the hall empty

fortunately, Trial needed company

but it made me tired and sleepy

so i pull back on everything

bite the neck of my prey, the killing

and give it to my grandma as a generous helping

just like my first day in cf - happy

i didn't go cf the whole of 1st trimester

guess i missed my highschool friends and youth members

the next week i met a bubbly apple girl

and i was working in starbucks, i was cooler

when starbucks came, it was like lizard killing

as my trainer told me, nescafe became soooo boring

laugh i did as the secret was mine for the keeping

just like this innocent child that will no longer see me

though i try hard to be someone else

my past never did escape me or anyone else

friends unknowingly help me lift myself

i became much kinder, patient and a better self

i like my old manager in starbucks

she too like killing bugs

and my bro had butterflies in his stomach

my mom and grandma's smile can light up the dark

i was thrilled when i got my first computer

i was so happy i shot the poor fella

i went to kl in a roadtrip of laughter

and said good bye to my sisters

because after this im going to ccc

where i'll meet funky people who are funneee

they made me stronger that i can carry

this uber cool set that rocked everybody

inspired me to cherish more of life

to try hard to overcome my strife

with friends that never sighs

and i began closing a chapter of my life

with all the smiles around me

friends that sit together endlessly

great friends that go years back in memory

gave me courage to empathy

because the scars make me deny my wants

and the music in my heart that shuns

for its the sins of my past and redemption of the present

that makes me who i am today - wontdieone

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