Wednesday, August 02, 2006

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Not too long ago, someone asked me to introduce to her some emo blogs and stuff but I just couldn't think of any, thus I've decided to try and write an emo post, which by the way is something that I don't really fancy but hey, asked and receive. So here goes nothing~

in the dark closet we hide

Today's CF was pretty interesting. In fact, all CF days are always interesting. Strange, don't you think? Hehe~ Sorry, gotta think emo.. emo emo emo emo.. *koff* So about CF, Louis led praise and worship and it was great. Gotta love the simplicity of it all, nice feel with 'Came To The Rescue' dude. Blessing indeed.

the twisting memories and tongue

Ps Joanne shared about university life and how we're now considered "Young Adults" and the various situations that we face during this period of time. After that she had for us some fun activities to do. We split up into 9 groups, each group is presented a situation and we are to discuss our opinions and how we would handle these delicate situations. 9 groups, 9 situations, 1 goal.. Nah, that was lame.

that we regret and remember

These situations range from homosexuality to pregnancies etc. Sounds simple? Not really. These situations are realistic and the questions require more than just point-and-shoot. Our group is group 2. It was the coolest group. Deric was with us. Hormone-pumping gay dude was the topic. Tim not around. Too bad. The story roughly goes like this; 'A friend of yours told you he's gay and he's interested in another guy in class and calls him often and uses every opportunity to get close to him. What do you do about it?' You would know the answer if you came to CF today. If you didn't come and would like to know, call deric at 012-xxxxxxx. Heh~

the times when we went astray

I found 1 out of the 9 situations rather.. well, heart-aching. The situation about unwanted pregnancy, rape and abortion. The story is the cliche', got pregnant, bf wants you to abort baby, what do you do? Second part was, recently you found out you are pregnant after having suffered a rape, what do you do? Abort or not to abort? These two are difficult questions indeed and they speak volumes to me due to.. well.. certain reasons. The unanimous answer given was not to abort, after all, abortion is considered murdering a life. I totally agree with it but honestly, I had the latter in my heart.

these scars will never go away

Yea, I had abortion in my mind. That situation reminded me of things that had happened to people who are and used to be very close to me and they are memories that I will never, ever forget. I wish I could've done something. I blame myself for things that had come to past and the worst of the lot, I was reminded of something I totally despise, hate and regret about my old self. Sure we all have our dark past and all. I'm glad though I had forgotten Him then, He didn't forget me. I still protected me and kept me from as much harm as possible. But for those knives that manage to cut me, now they are scars that will forever stay on me.

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