Tuesday, August 01, 2006

| cleaning out the mess

I was supposed to do my chores last Saturday, yea yea, I know what ya'll thinking, [voice by Steve Irwin] : "By golly! Did you see that?! He actually DOES chores!". Yes, ladies and germs. I, Andrew Liu have household responsibilities, and yes, I'm a good son. ahaks~ Anyway, as I was saying before I was interrupted by a sudden burst of uber-cool lameness, I was SUPPOSED to do my chores last Saturday, BUT... I overslept. Slept at around 3am and woke up at 4pm. That's 13 hours of solid, bad-for-health sleep babeh~ I've been sleeping like that since the second week of my industrial training. Guess having 4-5 hours of sleep a day is taking it's toll.

before was the past, before was gone

Anieweyy.. The worst part was... I overslept on Sunday too! Thus missing church!! God forgive my poor, poor tired soul. I decided to make up for it by, uh.. cleaning up the whole house. Yes, that's it! hehe.. I like cleaning my house. It's one of the few times when I can literally blast the whole house with some good ol' praise and worship songs. All this while I'm only using a quarter and my dad says it's loud. Heh~ So yea, I was sweeping the floor, dusting all the table-tops, and mopping the floor singing, "Take! Take! Take it all!" and "If I had wings I would fly!". Gotta love it.

before was a memory, before was a song

After all those (with the music still blasting), I decided it was way high time to clean out my room, or at least put everything in order. Wanna impress chicks? Clean rooms babeh~ Like all other times when I cleaned out my room, it was a short trip down the memory lane. Since I don't really touch the stuff I leave on my tables, they can be as old as 1 week to a few years erm, months. *whistles* The coolest of the lot is the tissue packet that has a quite an impressive layer of dust on it. Too bad, no photos of it - not that ya'll would wanna see it.. would ya? Seriously? Guess not.

that sang of the present, that seeks the future

From that never-finishing old Tequila bottle to that even older CD player that I don't use anymore and to all the other sentimental treasures that people have given me. Each and every single thing I've receive from another person is placed there, unless of course the items are too huge to put on the table. Duh~ But other than those sentimental treasures, I discovered other things that have lost its value to me due to incidents and circumstances - straight to the dustbin. Some things I'd rather remember in my heart and physically.

that stays forever, that leads us on

Guess no matter where or how you throw away things that remind you of a certain incident or a certain person, they never do stay there gone. They'll remain in your heart whether bitter or sweet. There's no point in trying to forget them anyway, instead remember them for who they were and what they did or what had happened. Learn something from them if they were bitter memories, cherish them evermore if they were sweet. In the end, they are part of your life and are responsible for who you are now and today. All a part of God's great plan for each of us. I cherish each and everyone of you - including the lizards. heh~

Now to clean out the ultimate disaster..


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