Friday, August 25, 2006

| one more day to go~

Just one more day.. just one..


Will update tomorrow with (hopefully) lots of fun stuff.

I know I've been ranting for sometime about wanting to buy a new graphic card bla, bla, bla. But THIS time I've REALLY settled on ONE particular card. The XFX 7600GT XXX. Yeap, it should cost me around RM700-RM800. Quite the ex - I know. But alas, a man's gotta want something else life will be dull.

Though I have the cash to buy JUST the card, my chances of actually getting it is slim. Almost none actually. It's sad but true.

Now I shall leave you with a word of wisdom from your beloved WontdieonE;
no matter how fair an opinion might sound,
it will always be bias

~ WontdieonE

nites people~

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