Thursday, August 03, 2006

| tough times for the wife

I'm talking about my wife, of course. These past few days has been a real blessing for me. After a couple months of separation, I finally got to properly hold my dearest wife in my arms once again. She's gone through a long time of testing, touched and played by many people, church and cf, mission trips, gigs, and all she got in return are prematurely worn-off frets and 2 painful dent/scratch marks. Oh, how she cries.

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Last Monday (2 days ago), Ps Joanne was kind enough to offer transportation for my wife and her brothers. I figured after months of staying in the YAC and suffering from the heat and hands, it's about time they returned home. Gonna need to use the car soon. Brother volunteered before but.. heh~ who am I kidding?

i use to have all 3 of them at home at all times

They're temporarily placed under the paddlepopper's care. Earlier this evening, I went to their house to tend to my injured, worn-off and tired wife. Jason Teoh, who was kind enough to check her out, shared his opinions and is equally displeased with her injuries. But like I said, that's the price you pay for being nice.

then she got thrown around

Couldn't do much about the buzzing in the fret. Elevated the strings a little by placing a small piece of paper at the neck, that helped a little. Unfortunately, my dearest wife couldn't take it anymore and she snapped her E-string in agony. I did what little I could to comfort her.

a broken string (my fault) and 2 dents

Left with little choice, I had to use the new strings that Joel kindly sponsored me - God bless his soul. The strings made her sound as new as ever, just like the first time I laid my hands on her - love at first sight. Despite the elevated neck, there was still some buzzing left, but I was glad I was able to give what little I could to the paddlepoppers. We had a short worship session with me singing like crap (strange though) and I did what little I could to contain the virus in Abby's laptop.

thanx Joel.. we really appreciate it~

Tired as ever and as always. Need to sleep now. Nites.. sigh~

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