Monday, August 28, 2006

| gals and guys and kawaii pictures~

Hehe~ It's quite a funny thing to see bunch of people posing kiut and kawaii in front of the camera. It's even funnier for the person saying that to pose kiut and kawaii.

I bet lots of *ahem* vain people have taken pictures from those quick-pix booth and then add some nice background scenery and stuff. Honestly, I've taken those types of pics before. Hahahaha~ Come to think of it I must be way out of my mind. A flood of vain-itis must've taken hold of me.

aiyerr... so kiut~

So what would a typical vain pic look like? Hmmm.. That's a dumb question. Almost every pic posted on the WWW are vain pictures posted for the viewing pleasure of the poster. Hehe~ Here's one;

Yea, so this is quite a good example of a vain pic. Though posted without the consent of the person in the pic, it still makes a good photoshop'ed picture eh?

Then there are those times during lectures when the lecturer is late and the class is bored. What do you do? Go vain~ Actually more like a vain-streak - but with clothes on of course. hehe~

So kiut!! As lame as everyone thinks these pictures are, they are in fact fun to take. Be it candid or spontaneous. After taking time sitting on my throne (aka toilet) I had an epiphany. I finally understood how gals feel when they go nutz with the camera. But gals aren't the only one who can look kiut on the camera.


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