Thursday, August 17, 2006

| aiyooo! why liek dat wannn?

Was just checking out everyone's blog. Good to see that Stef's updating again *hint*. hehe~ Other than that, all I've seen so far is emo, emo, emo and more emo. Why liek dat wannn? Then, I was surfing through my old posts between late March 2005 and early April 2005 and then...


I also become emo.. Sad case mienn~

Relationships are a real bummer indeed. So much heartache, so little reward eh? Hehe~ As luck would have it, I'm too tired to be emo now so I'm just gonna write my crap for another 10 minutes or so and then crash land in bed. Prepare yourself, humans!

not a heavy drinker

I forgot to post my mom's pic. Sorree mommee *gives cute cute smile*. And the whole world sinks into a state of coma.

to take the elevator

I don't believe in fate. I do not believe that our lives are lived not by the choices we make but controlled by fate. In my opinion, that's just another excuse for our stupid mistakes and our inability to make good, worthwhile decisions. I do, however believe in destiny. Oh yea, fate and destiny are different.

or to take the stairs - choice

One of the greatest gifts of God to mankind is the freedom of choice. To believe in fate takes away such freedom as we're supposedly unable to escape fate. Destiny, however is a somewhat interesting.. thing. To have a destiny means we have a preordained plan made by God. How we choose to get there or IF we choose to walk it is entirely up to us. To put the blame on God and say it's fate is just darn outright wrong man.

We take responsibility of our actions and mistakes.

I have a destiny I know I shall fulfill
I have a destiny in that city on a hill
I have a destiny, it's not an empty wish
Cause I know I was born at such a time as this

looking for a deeper meaning

It's quite an old song but meaningful in everyway. I like studying the lyrics of songs. It's like putting ourselves in the composer's shoes at that exact period of time, feeling what he was feeling, sharing his passion for the song he's writing. Taking a few steps back to see the bigger picture while looking for the deeper meaning of it all.

*takes a few steps back*

the bigger picture

Ohhhh... So THAT'S the deeper meaning. Ceeehh~

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