Sunday, August 06, 2006

| funky jazz fest

It's annual, it's cool, it's hyped, it's held every year (see annual), and best of all, it's jazz babeh~ Kan ya feel dhat groove mon? Kan ya feel dhat phonk mon.

I know, I know. Jazz and Jamaican don't mix. I know. Moving along..

Jazz Fest

So a few bunch of CF'ers had a road trip up to KL for a Jazz Festival at Mon't Kiara - some super-high-class condo. In Jason's car was Justin, Seong, Joash, and me. Justyne's car ferried Wayne, Vijay, and Timmy. ZX.. well, he had other plans that has the words sister inside and stuff. Justyne reached much earlier than us, so they got to watch those belly dancers.


Oh well, at least we came in time to watch Cosmic Funk Express. They are a great band that plays very tightly and is loaded with funk, hence the name. Their Korean guitarist really knows how to goreng. Heck, double tapping rocks big time. I guess you can say that they were the main event of the night. It was their last performance after all, they're gonna disband after that. But they entertained the crowd very well with their numbers. There was even a mosh pit with people head-banging, pushing and punching!

cosmic funkies

So I'm kidding about that pushing and punching part. How do you head-bang to jazz music anyway? Hmmm.. The next band was.. well, really super 80's. Bunch of old guys singing to a bunch of oldies. They we're rather Hillsong'ish with the choir and stuff. haha~ But they played very tight too and some of their songs weren't bad at all but.. I think they failed to catch the crowds attention. Their style was rather refreshing BUT, too repetitive. It was the same style of music song after song - it's kinda draggy. Don't get me wrong though, they played good music. It's just.. oh never mind. Cosmic Funk!

Went to Murni in SS and sat next to a rubbish dump. Great view though.. Heh~ Met ZX's cute lil' sis who's my age. *smiles* Unfortunately, I wouldn't want ZX to break my limbs so I guess I won't post her pics here. *whistles* I had my good ol' iced lemon tea and nasi goreng Maryland, your regular mamak fried rice with a slab of chicken chop and fries. Not bad for RM11. *sob sob* After lots of laughter with jokes regarding our.. *koff* primary school life etc, it was high time to head home.

Justin was a goner. He slept from the start of the journey leaving Seong and I to keep Jason company. Had one of those intimate, heart-to-heart pillow talk that guys always have. Hahaha~ Yea, right~ But we did have some deep talk about God, servitude and, heh, gals. God rawks! I needed to say that. We stopped to pump petrol and I saw this;

seong trying out the latest cool pose

Bilik Segar Diri (Self-Refreshing Room) with two people chilling as a sign. I dunno, something just seems so wrong about the word bilik segar diri.. Just can't pinpoint it, that's all. I was expecting a few couches and a bar - none of those in the guy's side. Check the ladies' too, none. I'm like, sooooo, disappointed. *rolls eyes*

caught this guy red-handed with my camera in time

Reached my house around 4.15am feeling extremely tired but it was okay I guess. Came into my room and was greeted by my lovely wifes. Heh~

can someone say, sweeeeeetah~

Blessed Holiday Peeps~

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