Wednesday, August 16, 2006

| kiss her feet slave!


voice of James Earl Jones
Ladies and gentlemen..
Jedis and Siths..
Republic and.. nevermind..
Bow before you queen and say..


Actually her birthday's yesterday and since I blog about today's event tomorrow, it's still legal to wish her a Happy Burfday because today is yesterday's tomorrow.. and.. today is tomorrow's yesterday.. and tomorrow is today's day after tomorrow's yesterday!!

I'm getting to you yet?


Okay okay. I know I sound like I'm smiling like a freak whilst dancing on a table-top, half naked and drunk but it's the coffee talking I tell ya, it's the coffee! Either that or it's those hairy balls of rambutan that's taunting me! You believe me don'cha?

It's definitely the coffee. It's the coffee because I don't like hairy balls..

Of rambutan I mean. Hehe~

I like my colleagues. Especially the cute one's who are in my age groups. Hmmm~ Anyway, that's not the point. What I'm getting to is that I like how my colleagues supply food for the office. You name it, we ate it. At this very moment, I have a huge bag full with hairy balls of rambutan right next to me. Hairy balls of rambutan..

I'm feeling rather uncomfortable.

Another colleague of mine just came back from overseas and he got us german chocolates! kuhl~ Come to think of it, it may not be the coffee after all. It could be the German choc talking! Must.. not.. think.. hairy.. arghhh!!

achtung! die schokolade ist im haus!

*ahem* Before I stray too far lets get back to the main topic. Mom's Burfday.

So yea, we had a good time of makan and fellowship. Ate at a friend's restaurant (Chinese restaurant) at the back of my taman. We ordered 7 dishes to represent health, wealth, prosperity, - the works. Grace and GerX tagged along too. GG. Well, atleast they'll be our entertainment for the night. There's nothing more fun than bullying two hepless gals in front of your parents especially when your dad enjoys it. Wakaka~

prawno.. sounds wrong~

I personally like those Chinese styled butter-prawns. You know, the one where they're deep fried with oats, milk and honey that comes from the land of milk and honey? Yea, that one. Milk and honey. Sweeeeet~ Eating the oats is a real pleasure.. Kay, that sounds wrong for a moment. The stim fish is so-so lah. I've had better. The crabs were good. Sexy red, hard shell with tender, juicy, succulent meat topped with hot black pepper sauce and fried to perfection. Ahhhh~

i didn't take pics of the crab so the fish will do

We brought a bottle of chilled wine and fellowshipped together with the young owner who consults my dad's advice regularly. The kor kor (the owner) was so nice, he even took out a bottle of his own wine. It was a little dry for my taste though. Complementary fruits and desserts on the house. Gotta love having friends who own a restaurant. Hehe~ Went home feeling full and happy.

Hope you had a good time mom! Kiss her feet slave!!

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