Monday, August 14, 2006

| innocence invocate? part 2.

First off, thanks peeps for all those messages though I know GerX threatened you all and stuff. ahaks~ Though you guys were forced and unwillingly comply to her demands, I still thank you for the messages though I couldn't reply any of them as my credit was already drieded. That's a double past-tense of dry. FYI, the first person to message me was in fact my sister, Vera whom I haven't met for quite sometime. Miss her.

from far i thought your body was punching
but now i see it's kickin

I've been busy the past few days and I couldn't find time to post. With my super-fast reaction to the faction in detection of extraction. I managed to find some time to photoshop some pics on my burfday. Hmm.. Deric looks happy.. People congratulate and welcomed me to the life with a number two in front of my age. As if I don't feel already very old. *sigh* My back's breaking, my bones are shaking but my looks are stiiil kickin'. ahaks~

walking down this winding road

Ya'noe, I feel the number 20 is just another number in a person's life. It doesn't matter how many candles are there in your burfday cake and all. ALL burfdays are equally just as important. Rather than showing us our age, it represents how much we've grown physically, mentally and spiritually. Doesn't matter if you're celebrating your 17th burfday or your 24th burfday. The number - it's how much you've grown that is important.

hand on both sides

I'm truly glad that I was able to spend a quiet burfday. In fact, that was what I was wishing for all these years of my life. I just want to spend a quiet burfday and God gave me just that. Why spend a quiet burfday you ask? So that I can reflect what I've learned, the changes I've gone through, the choices I made, and how much I've grown.

All of it made me realize how much we I constantly struggle with my everyday walk. My ups and downs in life. Things I regretted and things I rejoiced in - walking in the chaotic world of darkness and light. At the end of the day, though my righteousness are like filthy rags to Him, my burfday wish is that Lord, in my life, in my world, in everything I do, You'll be lifted high.

Gosh I miss my days of innocence..

Happy Burfday Wayne
May you grow more and more in Him

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