Tuesday, August 08, 2006

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Elysia Tiun of the Trio-Tiun-Sisters (sounds like some anime heroine gang. heh~) tagged me on the 5th of August. She's the latest blogger of the TTS gang, "MAKE UP!!". No, I don't read Sailormoon. Thinking about them makes me feel.. nauseating. *vomits*. So yea, do check out her blog, especially the people she tagged, Louis, Ai Ai, Sully, Renee, Elvi, Timmy and some dude I dunno. Heh~ What's XionBloop anyway?

So.. what ARE the 8 things I want to have in my ideal lover. I bet you gals out there are wondering the same thing but rest assure, they're not those shallow comments and stuff. In fact, they're quite cliche I guess. QUICK! Get those pen and paper! Here I go:

No 8.
Loves God

No 7.
God fearing

No 6.
Prayer gal

No 5.
Talks to God often

No 4.
Loves God more than me

No 3.
A pillar of Christ in a family

No 2.
Has an intimate relationship with God

No 1!
Muz be pweettee. Kan tok guud inglish. Muz lub mee a lot lot.
Muz b lo-man-tik. Muz bee phunny wan. Kan kook guud food oso.
Oso.. ermm.. whut ah.. oh ya, karing. Ya, muz b caring heart.

Hahahahaha~ Well, if you gals are looking for the Ideal Boyfriend 2005/2006, look no further. Here are some of the most eligable Ideal Boyfriends as voted by YOU!

good looking, angelic guys - heh~

they look good and they're cool - Tim's favourite

unpredictable and wild, like a stallion!

after an accidental release of the pic

Hope ya'll had a good laugh - I know I did. Well, it's more of a mixture of laughter and disgust. Can anyone relate to that? No? Then it's just me. ahaks~ Good nite peeps! By the way, Blessed One Year ger~ *smiles*

note: picture used without permission
          but i do hope ya'll don't sue me

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