Wednesday, August 23, 2006

| the great flood

Water level's rising! Quick, everyone get to higher ground! And uh, I'd like a venti iced tripple-shot caramel machiatto please (extra caramel drizzle!!!11). Sweetness.. w00t!!

Ya'know, funny things happen in the office toilet.


The office toilet nearly flooded last Monday. See, funny right? Ahahahaha~ Sampat. Must be that garlic-cheese naan I had earlier at Infasha. Mann, I sooooo wanna go makan at Putra. The best naan(s) in town.

I wonder who reads my blog. Hmmm~

Yea, bout the office toilet. Remember Johnson Suisse? Yeap, the toilet-making man. I bet people frequent him often, I know I do. Anieweiz.. Working in such a super-cold office can make a person's bladder (not to be confused with bradder/brother) go nuts. I guess it must be that weird science about how the absence of heat makes things shrink. Hmmm..


So I went to the loo the other day, last Monday to be exact. Standing in front of puny Johnson like the big bully I am, acting all macho-bravado I did my small business. It sounded like a cross between white-water rafting and a noisy cat. Actually it doesn't. Nevermind. Being a son of an OT staff nurse, I flushed the urinal, cleaning its yellow-stained walls - Johnson fought back.

fluuud!! fluuuud!! fuster lan!!

"Uh.. why the water not stopping one arr.. Wei.. serious wei..", I thought to myself before running out of the toilet, screaming my lungs out warning people of the impending flood that's about to hit the hapless office people.

Actually, I wish I did that but alas I didn't have the courage to show people I'm crazy. *sigh* Actually, I let the water run and went to wash my hands. When I came back to check on ol' Johnson, the water already resided but the floor was very wet.

Hmmm~ I wonder who did that? *innocent face*

so kiut!

the guy MORE kiut!!

These pictures have nothing to do with the post but I thought I'd put them up for phuuunn. Nite peeps~ 3 more days and counting.

W0n7|)130n3 !5 73h 1337!!111

that's what i do everyday

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