Friday, August 04, 2006

| VB Tots Of Peeps

Private Sub Andrews_Brain(String_Of_Tots As String, Mood As String)
       Dim Mind, DateStart_Str, TimeStart_Str As String
       Dim People_RS As ADODB.Recordset
       Dim Listening_Understand As ADODB.Connection

       On Error GoTo Cant_Take_It

       If Mood = "Emo" Then
              MsgBox "No mood... :(", vbInformation, "Emo"
              GoTo Sad
       End If

       DateStart_Str = "Thursday, August 3rd, 2006"
       DateStart_Str = "02:24 PM"

       If String_Of_Tots = "Evil" Then
              MsgBox "Warning! Think something else!", vbInformation, "Idle"
              GoTo Is_Dumb
       ElseIf String_Of_Tots = Null Then
              MsgBox "Error! Mind not working!", vbCritical, "Stoop"
              GoTo Is_Dumb
              MsgBox "Good to go!", vbExclamation, "Productive"
       End If

       With Listening_Understand
              .ConnectionString = "Provider=Jesus.Blood.Sacrifice.7.7.7;" & _
              "Data Source=C:\OuterShell\Walls\Soul.db"
              .CursorLocation = adUseServer
              .ConnectionTimeout = 120
       End With

       People_RS.Open String_Of_Tots, Listening_Understand

       On Error GoTo Cant_Take_It

       If People_RS.EOF = True Then
              MsgBox "No record found. Get to know more people.", _
              vbOKOnly, "Pathetic"
       End If

       Dim Particular_Person As HumanBeing
       Dim myBlog As Blog.Post
       Dim myPost As Post
       Dim i As Integer

       Set myBlog.URL = ""
       Set myPost = New myBlog.Post

       With myPost
              .Title = "| VB Tots Of Peeps"
              .Body.SecondLine = "I hope you guys can understand this"
              .Date = Format(Now, "dddd, mmmm dd, yyyy", _
              .Time = Format(Now, "hh:mm AM/PM")
              .Misc = "I'm sooooooooooo cute~"
       End With

       i = 1
       Mind = "Wondering"

       Do Until Mood = "Satisfied for today"

              On Error GoTo Cant_Take_It

              With Particular_Person(i)
                     .Picture = People_RS.Fields("Faces").Value
                     .Name = People_RS.Fields("Name").Value
                     .Relation = People_RS.Fields("Relationship").Value
                     .Views = People_RS.Fields("Personal_Views").Value
              End With

              Set myPost(i).Image = Particular_Person.Picture
              Set myPost(i).Comment = Particular_Person.Views

              Mood = People_RS.Fields("Unpredictable").Value
              i = i + 1


End Sub


specially made, by God

great friend.. once had a...

looks up to big sis without knowing it

reminds me of elina

closet rocker gal

reminds me of isaac chong, servent of God

naturally looks cool

friendly introvert

a paul in my eyes

talented couple

has key difference from her twin

miss serving with him

worried for both of them

wish he'd smile more often

deep in tots

getting nottier already

a book i'd like to read

food's good

always watching you and *ahem*

cuter than his twin

broken vessels = God's tools

the person who taught me to serve whole-heartedly

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