Saturday, August 26, 2006

| good bye infineon

Yesterday I wanted to update about my industrial training but unfortunately I ate some baaaad pasar malam grub and end up with food poisoning. Omigosh! Someone tried to kill me!! *ahem* Anyway, it's getting better now (i hope). Still having a slight headache and fever.

My industrial training is finally over. The last 3 months of my life has been one filled with laughter (and occasional boredom). It will always remain a pleasant memory under the "one-of-the-interesting-ones" section of my hard-disk.

Initially I wanted to fill this post with pictures of my co-workers and stuff but they wish to remain anonymous to world outside. Actually, they dread my photoshop-skillz and are afraid that I'll do something nasty to their pictures. They better be thankful that I'm not that evil. Muahahahaah~ So here goes nothing. A summary of my 3 months attachment in Infineon Technologies (Advance Logic) Sdn Bhd.


The first month was rather boring larr. A newbie at the office, a nobody - the usual in every workplace.
The second month was interesting as more projects were assigned to me. Fun with VB6.
The third month was even more fun with loads of projects and work to do but nearing the end, it got boring again.


There. Now that's what I call a summary. Now for the pictures. Heh~

the line between the office and production

i'll alway miss ya buddy

storing up food for the winter

sweets and goodies people give me

the breakfast

the farewell lunch - i couldn't say no okay? :(

bye johnson

bye temporary bed

my last coffee

good bye infineon

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