Saturday, August 19, 2006

| eating with the ish'ies episode 1 : the cast

It's the moment you all been waiting for.. *drumroll*


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Q: What happen when your CG runs out of idea of things to do?

A: .... huh? Sorry, I wasn't listening.

With lots of time and little inspiration, the members of the proud (and stoned) Ish-Ish CG thought it was once again, time to test our culinary skills. The last time I did someone fell sick but it wasn't my fault - really! I didn't know there were people allergic to nonsense. hehe~

It's time to introduce the players on the field. Give it up for..

1/5 days of cooking experience
winner of 'Soly's Kawaii Guy' in cf

already taken - go find someone else

voted 'Best BoyFriend 2005/2006'
can play guitar wooo~

voted 'Best GirlFriend 2005/2006'
used to be called Jessica

Their first challenge; what in the world can they do with this (and a couple of sausages. picture not taken as it might offend)

*picture taken with a bad camera*

to be continued... some people need to sleep you know~

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