Monday, August 07, 2006

| what do we believe in?

You know, it's hard sometimes to balance a Christian life. Especially when different ideas and opinions of churches seems to sway us left and right. To advocate or promote any of them would feel like you're in some sort of political campaign, at least that's how I feel.

the different steps of stairs we take in our journey upwards

I sit and listen to different elders and pastors of different churches talk about how things should be done. They'd say something like, "Things should be done this way..." or "They shouldn't do..." or "They shouldn't worship this way..." and other petty matters. I know this is a sensitive issue to most but hey, it's my blog. Heh~

even the the nature cries out to Him

I like the CF. I know, I know. That was quite the "like duh?!" statement. When I look at the CF and I like the fact that we come from all sorts of different backgrounds and different methods and ways of doing things, different churches, BUT all with the same foundation, the same cornerstone - Christ.

the beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair

I know there are many churches with different denomination and I like how as a CF we do our best to cater for all. In our imperfection and our known and unknown mistakes, we rise up in unity. As young adults we struggle to find our place in the world. Our university life is a crucial point of time in our lives where we learn values that can't be taught at home or anywhere else.

But I can't help but think that after all this we would all carry on with our lives; return home to our churches or go to another church, be bound to their denomination and methods. In all of these different opinions and truths that come crashing into my mind, one thing rose up above all;

i live for Him and Him alone
nothing else matter

I tell myself that even after I finish my university, my life will not be stereotypical. No matter what pressure and stress I'll get from life, no matter what my future holds, He's my Rock and my Light and I live to give Him the praise and worship He deserves till the day I die.

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