Friday, August 18, 2006

| the balancing act

It's a Friday and I have only 5 days left in Infineon. Wow~ Time sure flies fast. I'm now trying to finish off whatever projects and assignments that are left hanging on my shoulders. My Industrial Training report is only half done and I still have to install some fancy equipment in the production line. Kinda feeling the weight of it all right now. Tired..

the shadows reveal the true intentions

But at the same time, I'm really really looking forward for my 2 months of pure holiday. I have an unbelievably huge amount of sleep to make up for so most probably I'm gonna hibernate for a week or so. Hehe~ Just imagine sleeping for not more than 5 hours everyday. After awhile it kinda gets to you. There was once I had an episode of hallucination but more on that next week.

balancing act

Working in the offices of Infineon made me remember just how cruel and sad the real world in. Hypocrisy and distrust are like card games that people play on each other and I find it a challenge to stand firm and not sway to the tides of office politics. As I've said to my friends when I first entered MMU, "I'm so gonna keep a low profile mann". Easier said than done. Heh~ It's rather amusing to see how people persuade you to lean on their side and it's scary when the thought of doing so seeps into your mind. I applied silicon glue so no more leaks.


Who cares about office politics? Why would they want me to side with them anyway? I'm just a trainee who's gonna leave in one week's time.


I'm feeling so grateful that I'm returning to my un-cliche uni life. If you're in my lecture group, every lecture will NEVER be the same. Satisfaction (not) guaranteed. Hehe~ University is truly a place of higher education - without it, people would not be as cool as me. Speaking of cool..

yeo.. wanna bae maei?

Brother came home earlier around 12.30am. He entered my room and proclaimed, "I've finally mastered the art of shaving (my head)!". "Uhhh.. Good for you dude~". Then he asked if I would like to shave my head too. The thought of it sounded good for awhile.. till I had a flashback of my National Service hairstyle - it was not cool. Not one bit.

nicest of the worst picture of my bald monkey head

I don't look good bald. Heck, my brother looks like an egg head without his hair. Me, I look like a freakshow monkey that escaped out of the zoo desperately looking for a female mate that would carry on my genetic code. Wow~ That was graphic. *blind* So yea, if I already look like a monkey now, IMAGINE how I would like without hair. Bald monkey? I blame it on my monkey ears. Now no girls would want me. *emo*

Anyway, here's a sneak preview of tomorrow's post about last Thursday's CG.

must.. not.. think.. stupid.. thoughts..!!


Lulu said...

haha cool hairstyle..

WontdieonE said...

Hehe~ if you say that too loud, he'll cry river~

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