Friday, August 18, 2006

| i just have to post this now! yes, now!

I just check my mail and I receive read this from Jason Teh. Yea, it's that Jason that came CCC last week with Liz, Sean and.. *screams!!* Aidan-Too-Cute!!


This is Chris Daughtry of American Idol... the rocker botak guy.
This is his band Absent Element playing live. Apparently they're
christians... I think... This song "Heart of Worship" is nothing
like you've heard before.

Jason Teh


I just listened to the song and I tell you this..


I soooo wanna try play this version of Heart Of Worship. The energy! The drive! The passion! The rockness!! COOOL!!

you guys can click here to download it
copy and paste the link yourselves

Oh yea, while you're downloading it (yes, i'm forcing you to download it) don't mind help Jason and Liz to vote for their kids in some cute-cute photo competition. Yeap, Sean and Aidan are in a competition!! Those two cute little huggabelicious kids!! ARGHHH!! SOOOO CUTEEEE!!

So don't mind just do small registeration and vote ya? Feel free to comment them too. Hehe~

For Sean:
For Aidan:

self-reminder: cut down on coffee intake *sigh*

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